Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Johnson & Johnson Healthy Essentials Baby Freebies

I have read that Johnson & Johnson gives out a welcome pack for people expecting babies if we call or email them. I gave the email route a try.  They told me to sign up for the Healthy Essentials.  I did, and yesterday I go this coupon for a Johnson's Baby Take Along Pack ($5.99 at Babies R Us)

If interested here is how you can get one:

  • Sign up for Healthy Essentials.  
  • As you are filling out the information, be sure to expand the 'Your Household' part of the form, and fill the part about expecting a baby.
  • After you submit the form a message will say you are eligible for a trial of the Johnson's Baby Take Along Pack, do you want it?  Say yes.
  • In a few weeks the coupon will show up in the mail.  My coupon doesn't expire until June 2015 so plenty of time to use it as well.

You can also earn points on Healthy Essentials by printing and using their coupons etc. and redeem points for gift packs.  But

Sunday, August 17, 2014

My Investment Strategy Part 1 of 3 - Stocks

When I first started working, I was a fairly involved investor.  I read books on how to invest, research the stocks, and invested in equities.  As time went on, I find that with limited free time and so many other things I'd like to do, I have less and less time to actively manage my own portfolio.  Also, as a hobby investor, it's hard to achieve good returns.  I switched to a more passive and laid back investment strategy: indexing based on Exchange Traded Funds(ETFs).

I did my research and looked at my risk tolerance to decided what sectors & the ratios of my portfolio I want to invest in each sector.   Then I picked the ETF I wanted to use to index each sector.  Then once a year, I re-balance to ensure the ratios are back to originally decided.  In my portfolio I have ETFs that index the US market, Canadian Market, Emerging Markets, International Markets, and Bonds.  I still reserved about 5% of my portfolio to purchase one or two stocks for fun.  This has served me well since I can pay more attention to the stocks I purchased.

So that's my investment strategy Part 1.  For me another type of diversification, in addition to diversifying in the market is to diversify the type of invest. 

Coming up:

My investment strategy Part 3 - Real Estate 
My investment strategy Part 2 - Private Equity

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Royal Bank iPad Mini Promotions Extended - Oct 31, 2014

I was signing into my RBC account and noticed that they have extended this promotion.

There are account fees with the accounts you have to sign up for.  The RBC Signature No Limit Banking is the cheapest one at $14.95 per month.  You have to keep the account open until December 1, 2015 or you'd have to pay the price of the iPad mini.  If you open your account in October, 2014, and pay the fees, you will have paid $224.25 for the iPad mini (not as good as the original $194.35).

If you are interested in the promotion you have to:
  1. Open an account by October 31, 2014
  2. Set up 2 pre-authorized payments (with first payments to come out by December 1, 2014) or set up 1 regular payroll deposits (with first deposit by December 1, 2014)
For more details here is the link to the promotion.