Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Welcome Wagon

I vaguely remember someone saying that when you have a baby, you get sent a welcome basket.  I thought it was from the government.  So my first Google searches for for the welcome basket from the government.  I didn't find one.  But if anyone knows of one please share.  On an interest note, here is the maternity gift box that people in Finland get, which is awesome.

Back on topic, more searching on the web and I think this Welcome Wagon is the one.  You can sign up for a Welcome Wagon for yourself or for someone else for occasions like Moving into a new community, getting married, expecting a baby, 50+, or becoming a new executive.

Mom and dad got a Welcome Wagon when they moved into their new house last year so I have an idea of what is included.  There are a lot of coupons for services local to the community.  For the expecting a baby one, you sign up to go to an local Welcome Wagon Baby Shower, where you get a gift bag, entry into door prizes, and visit with local vendors.  I'm thinking it'll be very commercial but I'm going to take a look anyway. There isn't one in our city until November so will update when I go.

Also, the website said we can check with our hospital to see if Welcome Wagon visits.  If so, they will visit with a gift package when you give birth.  If not, you can also sign up for an in-home visit.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Today Beau and I went out for lunch.  It was one of those malls with outside parking.  So we parked and walked towards the restaurant.

Turns out it was closed so we turned and were on our way out of the mall, when we run into this older lady.  Her face was all red and she looked very angry.
"Did you do that on purpose!?" She says to us.
"Do what on purpose?"  Were were very confused.
"Turn on your car just as I am walking by.  I nearly had a heart attack?"
"...." Confusion for a few seconds.  Then realization she's talking about what happens when we lock our car with the remote.  i.e. the car beeps once, and the lights flash once.
"Um.  That's what happens when we lock our car"
Angry look from lady and she walks away.

We put it down to a crazy encounter and left.

But afterwards I thought how sad, that she would assume that complete strangers would waste the time and energy to do something to her that is of no value what so ever to themselves?  What a messed up way to view and interact with the world.

Friday, August 29, 2014

My Moving Checklist

With the purchase of new rentals and moving so much the last few years, you'd think I go this moving part down.  Yesterday I suddenly realized that I haven't set up Property taxes for our newest rental.  Just plain old forgot for about 2 months.   So I called 311 and they had someone send along a TIPP application (this is Calgary's Tax Installment Payment Plan).  It tells me how much I owe, what my monthly payment is going forward, and of course the penalty for being late on the outstanding amounts so far.  For my forgetfulness, I owe $76.45.
No more penalties I say.  I set out to create a checklist to remind me of things to do before/after possession of a new house and thought I would share this as well.
Moving Checklist

  • Set up utilities
  • Set up/Move Phone, Internet, and TV services
  • Buy home insurance
  • Set up Property Taxes
  • Set up Condo Fee Payment
  • Update Driver License
  • Update Car Insurance
  • Update Employment Information
  • Update Schools & Register for new schools & transfer school records
  • Sign up for Mail forwarding to new address
  • Sign up for Welcome Wagon (Optional of course.   But is always nice to have a visit with a new neighbor and get some coupons and samples)

Other great checklists, which breaks the list into timelines are:

Mail Forwarding:
A good way to ensure you don't miss any mail is mail forwarding.  However, you will eventually want to change all your address because mail forwarding is not free.  Below is a list to help you get started in terms of thinking who you need to update your mail with.  Then as you start receiving forwarded mail at your new home you can update the address with the sender.
  • Banks
  •   Credit Cards 
  •  Professional Associations 
  •  Memberships (Costco, Co-op, Library etc.) 
  •  Magazine subscriptions
  • Donations
  • Schools 
  • Alumni 
  • Cell phone 
  • Doctors 
  • Dentist 
  • Friends/Family