Sunday, July 27, 2014

4000 Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points for Profile Update

I've seen a few of these promotional codes recently.  I think it may be because of the introduction of CASL (Canada Anti spam legislation) that Shoppers is trying to update their database and customer consent for receiving emails.  Regardless, it's a quick and easy way to get some bonus points.

Current code is 4858

Log into your Optimum points account and update your profile by changing something like your postal code, phone number, or email, and enter the promotional code.

After this is done you should get an email to confirm your promo code.

Expires August 18, 2014

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Thyme ID - Free Baby Samples

It's wedding season.  This means I have to find something new to wear to weddings that fits my new pregnant size.  Last night I dropped by Thyme Maternity as it is the only all maternity shop that came to mind, and found a dress for this weekend's wedding.  $80.  Not bad considering it is a maternity dress that will have use for a limited time.

At the cash the lady asked if I wanted o sign up for Thyme ID.  I wasn't sure at first because loyal programs are long term and pregenancy is only for so long.  But she told me it was free and I get some free samples, which sold me.

Here is what I got for signing up:
1 Avent Sample bottle
1 pink baby onesie (which works because we are having a girl)
1 $5 coupon for The Children's Place with no minimum purchase and December 2014 expiry date so lots of time to find something
1 $10 coupon for Babies R Us with $50 minimum purchase with some exclusions and January 2015 expiry
1 Thyme VIP Savings book with various expiry dates and minimum purchase
 Various information booklets on Safe food handling etc.

I looked this up online when I got home.  It doesn't say anything about the booklets or the onesie so I expect there may be variations at stores.  Best to ask at your specific store.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Royal Bank iPad Mini Promotion - Expires Jul 31, 2014

I have an iPad from work, which I use for my reading and web browsing.  When I go on maternity I will have to get my on tablet.  I was considering the iPad mini because the on complaint I had about the iPad was that it was a little big.  So it was timely that Royal Bank has a promotion to get a iPad Mini.

There are account fees with the accounts you have to sign up for.  The RBC Signature No Limit Banking is the cheapest one at $14.95 per month.  You have to keep the account open until Aug 31, 2015 or you'd have to pay the price of the iPad mini.  If you open your account in July, 2014, and pay the fees, you will have paid $194.35 for the iPad mini (still good savings).

If you are interested in the promotion you have to:
  1. Open an account by July 31, 2014
  2. Set up 2 pre-authorized payments (with first payments to come out by August 31, 2014) or set up 1 regular payroll deposits (with first deposit by August 31, 2014)
For more details here is the link to the promotion.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Changes to our lives

Since the last time I posted, Beau and I have had some big changes to our lives.  Beau and I got married.  We sold our house.  We bought a new house.  And we are expecting a baby!

Ever since we learnt about the impending arrival of our little one, I have again started paying more attention to my personal finances, which I admit I have been neglecting.  I hope to blog more about savings, deals, and investing as Beau and I prepare our financial future with three in the family.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Renovation Finished & SOLD!

It all happened so fast. Our renovator finished the renovations a few weeks ago. While we were waiting for the photographer to take the photos, we put up the for sale sign at the front window. Then before we even had a chance to list, a realtor called. Before you know it we had an offer. This Friday we officially sold the place.

Here are the final numbers compared against originally planned.

$215,000 purchase
$20,000 renovations (the townhouse is similar to Mom & Dad’s townhouse we just renovated) $15,000 for Realtor fess, lawyer fees, etc.

Estimated Cost: $250,000
Estimated Sale price: $290,000

$215,000 purchase
$18,622 Renovations
$19,984 Realtor Fees, Lawyer Fees, Condo Fees, Utilities, Property Taxes, Interest payment etc.

Actual Cost: $253,606
Actual Sale Price: $293,500

So we made $39,894. About $106 less than the $40,000 we estimated. Not Bad! To be honest I think we got very lucky because the Calgary housing market is pretty hot.  But $40,000 good profit so if we had a hard time and the time on market dragged on we were prepared to take less profit.  Also, the rental potential is great for this place so that was going to be our backup plan. 

Now we are pumped to find the next project.