Thursday, October 4, 2007

I am switching to drop in from monthly membership

I just cancelled my gym membership. Originally, I got it to encourage myself to exercise more. It worked. My monthly membership is $50. To get that $50 worth I started going to the gym quite regularly. However, I’ve done a reassessment and decided that this is not worth it.

There is a pool near work where the drop in rate is $5. I think swimming gives me the same workout as my routine at the gym. Plus it’s less stress on my joints.

To make my $50 gym membership worthwhile I have to go 10 times a month, that’s 2.5 times per week. Piece of cake, right? Not for me. The weekends are out. Weekends are my chance to be outside so I get my exercise outdoors. That leaves weekdays. Between weeknight activities and late conferences calls overseas I usually end up missing the 2.5 times per week quota once or twice a month.

Mornings when I do manage to get up at 6am and drag myself into the gym are pretty miserable. Ok, after I get my workout I always perk up. But really I started resent waking up so early. The final straw came when I heard that I’m going to be traveling more frequently for work.

So I drove down to the gym during lunch today and cancelled the membership. I am still holding myself to the exercising regularly rule though. Now I just get more variety like swimming, hiking, and when winter comes skating and cross country skiing. I’m so excited!