Monday, October 8, 2007

Not paying regular for movie tickets

Usually instead of watching a movie in theatres I wait until it comes out on DVD. It’s cheaper and it’s nice and cozy to watch it on the couch at home. However, when I feel a movie need to be fully appreciate on the big screen I refuse to pay regular price ($12) until I’ve exhausted my options for reduced price.

Options 1: My work has a social club where I could order movie passes for $8 (including taxes). These passes work even on premier night, however, I have to order them ahead of time.

Option 2: CAA Member’s Price is $8.44 + GST = $8.95. Again these passes have to be purchased ahead of time.

Option 3: Coupons from the Entertainment book, pop boxes, or cereal boxes I collected.

Option 4: Even if I don’t get reduced price I at least collect points towards a free movie with my Scene Card
. If I do feel the urge I can get 10% off concessions with my scene card.