Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday Spending

It’s pay day! I treated myself to movie tickets. Yep. HBC has a Cineplex 2007 Holiday gift pack on sale: $32 dollars for a package worth about $90 in tickets, concession and other coupons.

You get four movie tickets + free admission on your birthday = 5 tickets. That alone is cheaper than what I get from work, $40 for 5 tickets. The concession coupons I won’t use. But I have friends who like munchies during a movie so they can use those. There’s also $10 off $50 purchases at HBC and Chapters, which I may use or give away.

Then I bought the tickets through Great Canadian Rebates (again) 3% rebate, 1% cash back on credit card, and HBC reward points. Not bad. The tickets don’t expire until October 31, 2009, so they will last a while.