Friday, November 23, 2007

Library to the rescue

I recently read about this DVD series called “The Up Series” and really want to watch it. I looked all over the video stores and nothing. I thought I was going to give in and buy it online until I remembered the library.

I hopped online and 5 minutes later I have requested a copy of the DVD set to be delivered to my local branch. It's on its way now! How great is that?

I’m so excited. This is the description for the series: In 1964 a group of 7-year-old British children were interviewed and they have been filmed every 7 years since. It's also got a more detailed wikipedia description.

What an interesting concept! Our goals, expectations, and character change so much with life and circumstance. It’d be quite neat to follow these people’s lives and see how they’ve changed. I’ll write more after I watch the DVDs.