Friday, January 11, 2008

Consolidating Points Part II

My head hurts. I thought consolidating points would be a piece of cake but no. Reading through all the websites for information such as partners, expiring dates, and rewards was painful. has helped me tremendously and also disappointed me greatly. Did you know there are minimums to exchange points? Yep. For example AAdvantange needs minimum of 25,000 points for an exchange. Well if I had that many I would just claim a flight and get it over with. Also did you know it cost money to transfer your points to family and friends? Why would I pay $80 to transfer points to someone, when it probably is more useful just to give the $80 to them.

Now on the upside of

It really saves my butt in terms of putting all my balances in one place so I don’t have to keep checking my balance on a dozen website.

The minimum to exchange points is not bad for ALL of the programs. Just a few.
I just realized that for small balances that will probably never make it to the exchange limit I could get gift certificates. Again let’s use AAdvantage as example. I have only 4,000 points and will probably be collecting infrequently if at all. So I can apparently get a $12 certificate for that. *edit* I take that back. AAdvantage has the 25,000 limit for this option as well. Grrrh!

Now here is a table summarizing the information I found. Also, a couple of helpful website. This site gives condensed information such as expiry dates and conditions on frequent flier programs. Also, - enough said.

Now I think I’ve consolidated all my hotel and frequent flyer miles onto two cards: Asia Miles and Aeroplan. Phew! I can totally understand how some people would just let their miles expire than going through this hassle. There are a few programs I gave up on because the amount is not worth my time.

*e-Rewards gives ‘cash’ for doing surveys. Then you can change the ‘cash’ into points if you like.