Sunday, January 20, 2008

Staying on Track while traveling

Next week I’m in San Jose again. Traveling of course is one of mine biggest disruption to the eat healthy and staying fit goal. Here are a couple things that I’m going to do.

Since the gym at the hotel where I’m staying is pretty non-existent I’m going t bring my Pilates DVDs. I will try and take the light rail to work at least a few times, which means a bit of walking. But it’s worth it because it’s good exercise and good for the environment. The boss will be happy because it saves on gas (I ride free with the EcoPass). Also, I will go for a walk after lunch everyday.

I will be eating out every meal. However, to minimize the effect I’m going to aim to eat only half of any large portioned meals. There is a fridge in my room so I can store the other half. I’ve long stopped ordering soft drinks with my meals - cuts back on the calories as well.