Thursday, March 20, 2008

Last Easter

“Babe, can we borrow a child and take them to an Easter Egg hunt? I want to go to an Egg hunt.” That’s me.

“Ok. I’m sure one of our friends would love a few hours of free babysitting.” That’s the bf.

“I’ve been scheduled on a business trip to China. No Easter Egg hunt, and I have to spend my birthday on a plane! Boohoo!” That’s me a few days later.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” That’s the bf.

“Hey. Chocolate Easter Egg. Where did you get that from?” That’s me a few days before my trip.

“I don’t know. You can have it.” That’s the bf.

“Mmmm…chocolate egg with the creamy caramel center. Maybe later. Show is on!” Me tuning into OUR favorite show – America’s Next Top Model (ok mine show).

10 minutes later, I look at the egg all by itself on the unusually empty coffee table.

“Umm…why do you only have one sitting all by its lonesome on the coffee table?”

“I don’t know where the rest went...”

30 seconds of vacant staring…you can see the wheels turning in my brain.

“Easter Egg Hunt!”

I know I’m slow.

Anyway, cost of chocolate Easter eggs? Under $20. Entertaining your girlfriend AND getting out of watching America’s Next Top Model? Priceless.

Enjoy your Easter! I will be looking for a Easter Egg Hunt.


Carol Pyles said...

You don't know me :P I just happened by your site through Entrecard but this post was just to cute :) Its nice to here how sweet your boyfriend was to do something sweet like that for you. :) Enjoy your Easter
Mom with a Scattered Mind

Dolly Iris said...

What a cute post! Happy Easter