Friday, March 7, 2008

On my Own

I’ve actually started this post a few times but never finished or posted anything. The bf moved away, far away. It’s a good career move for him. Just like moving with him is not a good move for me.

I should be prepared because we’ve known this for what seem like months and months. The move date kept on changing so he ended up moving when I was away in Egypt. While in Egypt it was easy to block it all out and pretend he didn’t leave at all. It’s a little harder to do now that I’m home.

We decided to give this long distance thing a try. So I will be saving up for a trip to visit him soon. I bought some Skype minutes. We were going to talk over messenger however, he is without Internet right now. It’s not too bad. Skype rates are reasonable. Also I browsed Great Canadian Rebates just on the off chance there is a good deal. There is. A whopping 15%! I’m impressed.

We’ll see. I don’t know what will happen because he’s so far away.