Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cost of Inattention

Last month I was overdrawn. Not because I didn’t have the money but because I forgotten about a few bills I set up to be paid while I was away in Egypt and didn’t transfer enough from my savings account. So fees were updated yesterday and for this little mistake I have to pay $5.00 in overdraft fee, $0.11 for overdraft interest, and $3.90 for service charge.

Total cost of inattention: $9.01. Not huge by all means but totally avoidable – that’s what gets me.


SheGazelle said...

Those sort of things irritate me to no end.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I know the feeling. About 6 weeks ago I *completely* forgot to do a transaction (in the midst of RRSP crazy season) resulting in a bounced pre-authorized payment. And I'm a money coach. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth in my house!