Wednesday, April 16, 2008

For getting another year older

The bf returned my b-day gift. Because he thought it would be better to take me shopping for it instead. How nice. Because I've been totally lusting after these Skechers. We bought it tonight after work. As I was trying to find a photo of this online I also found the price online. The shoe is $30 less in the US. I briefly thought about taking it back and buying it when I'm in the states. But I don't think he would like that. It's a gift after all. I wish they shipped to Canada.

Sis and Bil bought me a Coach bag. But they are so busy I won't see them until when I get back from Austin in May.

Mum and Dad gave me money. Cold, hard cash!

I bought myself a spring/summer coat from Soia&Kyo. They have the cutest coats. The photo links to their site if anyone likes to check them out.

My friends took me out for dinner last weekend on account that I'll be spending all my time with the bf this week. He's only here for a week so they understand. We had a delicious meal and wine. They also bought me flowers - Birds of Paradise being the main theme - which are sitting very nicely on the kitchen table.

Almost makes up for getting another year older.


Canadian Saver said...

Happy Birthday :-) Sounds like you got some really great stuff!!