Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Weekend Plans

This week I’m suppose to be in Mexico. However, I am not. I’m glad. I was not looking forward to traveling by myself for work. All I’d be doing is working 12 hour days with a 2 hour commute thrown in.

It’s good also because I already booked the week off at the café. I’m going to drive to Sis’s place and spend some time with her. She has asked me to visit a few times now but I’ve been too busy. It’s perfect timing because it’ll be a good weekend to work on her garden. Last time I asked them if they weeded and they said the lawn man came but that’s all. They have a flower patch in front and back of their house. Two years ago I planted marigolds at the front. They are resilient plants. They even reseed every year and need little attention. At the back we planted tomatoes and they did pretty well too.

I think the marigolds will need help. Sis and Bil weren’t even sure which are weeds and which are marigolds. And we were thinking of tomatoes and peppers for the back. It’ll be good.

Also, someone left at the cafe. I picked up a couple of extra shifts during the weekdays.