Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cell phone bill changes

I use Bell for my cell phone service. Yesterday I got my bill in the mail. They have a Did You Know… box to inform people of changes.

This month it says:
As of August 8th, 2008, all text messages received will be charged 15cents per message, unless you subscribe to a text messaging rate plan or bundle...

This is all over the news today as well. Really? They are taking this measure because number of text messages skyrocketed in Canada in the last few years. Doesn’t that mean they are making more money since they charge people 15 cents to send them?

You need the extra money to build the infrastructure? Many, many companies in many, many places in the world only charge senders. How do they make money? In addition, those same companies only charge the person who initiates the call. How are they even in business!?

Someone from the PR group was on a radio talk show saying they offer superior packages and services that will ensure customer loyalty. I am shocked. Seriously?

Let’s see, these are my choices when my contract is up:

Staying with company who will charge me to receive text messages.

Or going to company who doesn’t charge me.

Hard choice there. As for superior service and packages? I’ve been a customer for two years now and I haven’t noticed.

Good luck with that Bell and Telus. Rogers, if you are smart enough not to follow their lead, you have my business.