Thursday, July 24, 2008

Got the job

I got the job! My manager called me this morning to say that he e-mailed an official offer. I checked right away. The offer is on the lower end of the range he told me but still a 6% increase from my previous salary. Vacation is the same but I a few personal days. RRSP match is 2.5% lower than my previous work, but it was dropping by 2% next year anyway. Most importantly there is more room to grow here.

It's funny how different people respond. I called mum and she was unenthusiastic at the pay. I called Dad and he was happy for me and thought this is a chance at building a great future. I called Sis and she was happy as well. She thinks I should ask for more money, just for form. Actually her HR person was next to her at the time and she said it doesn't hurt to ask as well. I thought about it and agreed. I'll send out an e-mail tomorrow. Make sure I let him know that it's not a deal breaker but see if I can get an increase.


Anonymous said...

Congrads! If you're excited, don't worry, everyone else will follow.

laughing808 said...

congrats.....and yeah it doesn't hurt to ask. You never know, they just might give it to you.

Dolly Iris said...

Congratulations, that is so exciting. Keeping my fingers crossed for that increase :D

billspaced said...

Congratulations on your new position! As long as you're happy, nothing else matters.

I've found that the worst that can happen is you ask for something and they say no. Never have I asked for something and they were so disgusted that they pulled the position away from me. Ask and ye (might) shall receive!