Thursday, November 13, 2008

New commute

Just when gas prices started to come down, I stop driving. Actually, no complaint because not spending any money on gas is even better than spending less on gas. I’m feeling good about this change. By walking to work, I save money on gas, my environmental impact is minimal, and I get two 30 minutes exercise sessions per day.

Yep, it takes about 30 minutes to walk to work. It’s not bad though. It’s 30 minutes I get to wake up enough for work in the morning, and 30 minutes I get to wind down and listen to my music in the evening.

I save about $60-$80 a month depending on gas prices. I’m thinking of reallocating this towards a gym membership. There is a Y really close to work, and I’m thinking of going in for a swim in the morning before work.


Canadian Saver said...

The exercise will be awesome!

I admire you... I've worked close to home in the past and always said I was gonna walk, but never did :-(

Esme said...

Canadian saver,

Now that the weather is cold, it soooo hard to think about getting outside to the cold and walk for 30 minutes. But there is little choice, which helps. The bus takes forever getting stuck in traffic, and the cheapest parking is $15 a day! Those are some great incentives to walk :)