Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A consumer Christmas for some

It was a super cold weekend this past weekend. A friend and I decided that the mall is a nice mixture of being outside of the home but in from the cold. We went to Holt Renfrew, the place of expensive brand names that I never walk into unless someone else needed to go.

Since I was in there though, I had a browse around. No surprise that some of the things I was interested in cost more than my weekly pay cheque. As I was browsing I passed by this pair of parents consulting with a sales person. In mum's hand is a typed up list titled "Christmas wish list".

Yep. The list of items was at least 2 pages long because I noticed it was stapled. Some of the items were so specific, even the sale person at Holt's can't think of any place in our city that carries it.

Oh and that's only the daughter's list. From what I gather the son's list is a more manageable 6 items long, but of pricier items. Pricier than Holt!? Yikes.

These were apparently not the first set of parents to come into Holt with a list. Not even the first set of parents that particular sales person has helped. She told them that she had a client whose daughter had a typed list with check boxes beside each item so it can be checked off as they were purchased. How thoughtful.