Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Scholastic Book Club

On the radio today they were talking about Scholastic book club. It brought back happy memories of childhood. When we were young, Sis and I had everything we need, but things like Barbie dolls and stickers (remember when kids use to come in with albums of stickers to trade?) were extras which we rarely get. It’s hard on a child because we felt left out.

It was always super exciting when the Scholastic book club flyer comes because mum and dad considered that educational. I still remember what a treat it was to get a brand new book. The cover is shiny, and the book is all stiff because it hasn’t been read a hundred times like a library book. I can still remember reading The Secret Garden, and exactly what the cover looks like.

It makes me a little sad that it’s turned into something to tempt the consumer in kids, instead of fostering a love of reading with a selection of good books.


Money Minder said...

I loved Scholastic when I was a kid, too. I use to purchase books through them for my kids because a percentage is donated to the school, but the prices just aren't very competitive. Now we buy our books elsewhere.

its me, sam said...

I love Scholastics too. I always found the best deals were the boxed sets, or the Newberry medals ones. I still get the book orders forms and will buy for the little kids in my life.

My parents always let us get at least 1 book per order as a child. I loved and still do having my own books. It was the trill of not knowing what was going to be inside and the smell of a new book.

My DD almost always got books when she was younger. She discovered my new authors that way ( and so did I).

I can remember ordering the LORD of The Rings Trilogy for my older sister when I was in grade 6. She got it for Christmas that year. OMG that was in 1980. LOL