Monday, April 13, 2009

A 4 day weekend

My company gave us both Friday and Monday off for Easter, which was pretty amazing. I think I've felt a little rushed off my feet lately with just two day weekends so it was nice to have a little breathing space.

I was originally thinking of going on a trip to Las Vegas but I decided against it. One is I needed the free time, for errands, for doing little things around the house, and for a little lazying around. Another is that I'm a little over budget this month.

It worked out well. I got to visit with Sis and Bil. I got it together to schedule another trip in the summer. I finally, finally called my cell phone provider and gave them a hard time for being so expensive. I will post about the deal the offered me later this week. I haven't committed to anything yet, but I will have to decide soon because the contract is up in a month.

I also saved Dad's aeroplan points. They were going to expire in May. So we redeemed them. Mum, not so lucky. Hers already expired. So check your points. They expire.