Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cheaper services

When I was in Junior High, mum went back to college. I remember when she came home she would always bring delicious pastries. Why? I believe it’s the works of students at the college sold at discount.

There are quite a few things we can get cheaper by getting from apprentices or students. Remember last year I went to get my hair cut by an student stylist at the Aveda Academy? The was pretty good.

The other day I heard on the radio that people can get their teeth cleaned by student hygienists at the college for $10.

I just found out today that the local college message therapy diploma students do their practicum at the health center near where I live and it’s about $15 cheaper per half hour!

So here is the list of cheaper things from the apprentices. Feel free to add more to the list in the comments.

Hair Cuts
Teeth cleaning
Message therapy