Monday, November 16, 2009

My Kijiji Find

I always love reading about how people find these great pieces of furniture for their homes on craigslist or kijiji for great prices.

When I look I don't really see any great stuff. Also, I don't really consider buying big pieces like a couch because having to find friends to move it and a car big enough to transport it is just too much trouble. But I keep looking out of curiosity.

Last weekend, I was looking at these bar stools at on of the furniture stores. They were on sale because it's discontinued. But even with the sales they were $200 each. Online I found some for $150 and I'm not sure how much shipping and taxes will be. Then last night I found something similar on craigslist, four of them at $50 each.

I made an appointment to see them. Of course they aren't brand new but buying all four of them cost the same as one new one at the store. Also even the cheapest bar stool I'd consider buying at Ikea cost $80 each and I liked these better. We negotiated a little and ended up at $40 each. They are height adjustable so we were able to fit all four of them in my little compact.

I just bought my first pieces of used furniture ever!