Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trying to find that happy medium

I was cleaning out some papers which cropped up during my move to my new place. In the pile of receipts I found the receipt for my first digital camera. I still remember buying this camera in preparation for my 3 months internship in Finland. It’s a Canon A86 and cost $416.23. Also another receipt which I got a 256MB Flash card and a battery charger for $119.32 to go with the camera.

Aside from the shock at how dated the electronics is now, I’m really surprised at how changed my attitude towards spending is. I didn’t research for this purchase. I didn’t look for sales. I basically picked a camera I liked at the camera store. Paid for it. Then I hopped over to the electronics store and bought the accessories to go with. $500+ with no prior planning or thought of how it affected my future budget.

It’s not that I wasn’t money conscious at the time. I’ve been brought up to save money for as long as I can remember. However, back then my spending was less controlled or planned. There were two sides to my money philosophy
which didn’t quite mesh. There was the side that saved as much as possible. But then there was the side that saw what she wanted, and bought it as long as there was money in the bank. I never carried a balance on my credit card, but I never had long term savings either.

Funny how perspectives change. Back when I made less than half of what I made now but I was more free with my money than I am now. Back then I dropped $500 in a day without much thought. Whereas, I’ve been agonizing more than two months over a couch because $1000 is so much money. Of course back then I wasn’t thinking about mortgage payments and RRSP savings etc.

That being said. I don’t want to be ruled by money. I think I need to find a happy medium between the then me and the now me.


Anonymous said...

It's sometimes hard isn't it? I just bought a $1000 couch and absolutely LOVE it!! Now I'm saving up for the matching loveseat ($700). If you're that unsure, I'd leave it for now or perhaps wait for a sale?