Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New blog, Same me, More topics

Maybe these few months of silence on this blog led readers to think I've lost my motivation to blog. Not quite true. More like there is so much I want to blog about. Since not they are not all about finances and money I didn't think they fit on this blog.

I've been thinking about this for a little while now and even wrote a few post and now have finally taken the plunge. Here is my new blog - Brown Eyed Girl Diary.

Being me I will still write about my personal finances. Now I can also write about my work, my endeavor to learn how to cook, my travels, my relationships and anything else that takes my fancy without feeling that they don't really belong on the blog. Hope you will still visit :)


Teresa @ Aurea's Kitchen said...

I am trying to get into your new blog but the blogger tell me I need your invitation. Do you know what happened?

Anyway, I miss you and, yes, I think you were tired of the blog and didn't write anymore.


Saving Savy Pinkey said...

Hey, I liked your new blog. I will be surely visiting it often.