Monday, October 29, 2012

Rent this house

In the last two weeks we have had quite a few showings for the rental.   However, most of the people that were really interested we did not see enough potential to even run a credit check.  If someone shows up willing to give you cash for security deposit and first month rent provided you don’t run a credit check, not a good candidate.  If someone fills out an application but gets all nervous when you say Social Insurance Number and Credit check, not a good candidate.  If someone shows up with 3 adults and a child for a small two bedroom and one bathroom unit, not a good candidate.  I know.  Who am I to dictate how many people is too many people for a place?  But I am being a little picky with this place because I just spent all this money renovating the bathroom and kitchen.  Wear and tear for four people is very different from wear and tear for two people.

This weekend, we booked six people to look at the house between 10 – 12, and only two showed up.  We have noticed a pattern about showings.  Most of the no shows happen on weekends and especially in the mornings.  In future we are going to do weeknight showings only.  Anyway, it wasn’t a complete waste of time, because the second couple were promising enough to run a credit check.  We called the current landlord for references and everything looks good.  Beau is going to call them today and talk about signing a lease.

As I was telling Sis about this she said are you ready for the next one?  Right now I’m not.  Beau and I spent the whole summer working on our various properties.  He has one of his own rentals coming up vacant end of this month.  I think we are just needing a little break and just run on maintenance mode for a bit.  Before you call us lazy we also have other things we are working on: like jobs, educational upgrades, friends, and family.