Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cell Phone Plan Search

Last week I dropped my iPhone flat on its face on the pavement and the screen broke into many pieces.  My cell phone contract is up towards the end of this year, so I took this opportunity to review my cell phone needs and what options are available.

My current contract gives me the below for $45 per month
  • 200 anytime minutes 
  • unlimited evenings and weekends
  • free Canada wide calling,
  • Voicemail
  • caller display
  • 500 MB of data

I've been with Bell for 7 years now and have always been happy with their coverage so I called them first to see what they can do for a new plan.  They were not super helpful.  Actually I was told that the price for a similar plan has increases significantly.

I looked around.  I have Shaw Internet, which means I can get free data in quite a few places.  Therefore, I was willing to give up data, but not a data capable phone.

The best one I could find that fits my need is Fido.  They have the cheapest plan for my needs and cheapest phone.

The $34 monthly plan gives me
  • 200 anytime mintues
  • unlimited evenings and weekends
  • free Canada wide calling
  • voicemail
  • caller display
  • 50MB of data
With a two year contract I could get the Nexus 5 phone for $250.  Or I could add to $5 a month to my plan to get the phone for $50.  $5 per month for 24 months is $120, so I would have paid $170 for the phone instead of $250.

With this information I called Bell again to give them a chance to save the deal before I moved my contract.  What they proposed gave me more anytime minutes and data, but did not save me money.

Anyhow, before I signed up for the Fido deal I did a quick search to see if there are promos.  There is one promo for $25 credit for new customers.  To be safe, I called the customer service number to sign up instead of doing it online.  Good thing I did.  He said if I get a friend with Fido to be my referral both of us get another $25.  So I gave him one of my friend's number and name, and he said the amount will be credited in 3 months.

So in the end I got a $39 monthly fee, with a $50 phone, and $50 credit.  Savings of $144 from my previous plan.  Not a lot but not bad either. 

Note: Mobilicity has a promotion for $33 unlimited data, talk, and text.  However, I have to pay for the phone, and the phone is not compatible with all carriers.  Fido's phone is and comes unlocked.

If you don't know anyone on Fido and need someone for referral, email me and I can be your referral.