Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Johnson & Johnson Healthy Essentials Baby Freebies

I have read that Johnson & Johnson gives out a welcome pack for people expecting babies if we call or email them. I gave the email route a try.  They told me to sign up for the Healthy Essentials.  I did, and yesterday I got this coupon for a Johnson's Baby Take Along Pack ($5.99 at Babies R Us)

If interested here is how you can get one:

  • Sign up for Healthy Essentials.  
  • As you are filling out the information, be sure to expand the 'Your Household' part of the form, and fill the part about expecting a baby.
  • After you submit the form a message will say you are eligible for a trial of the Johnson's Baby Take Along Pack, do you want it?  Say yes.
  • In a few weeks the coupon will show up in the mail.  My coupon doesn't expire until June 2015 so plenty of time to use it as well.

You can also earn points on Healthy Essentials by printing and using their coupons etc. and redeem points for gift packs.