Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Condo & my first piece of furniture

At 630 square feet I would describe my condo as cozy. It's one bedroom, one bathroom with a nice open plan. I have stainless steel appliances and an eating bar. There is a little corner fire place and a huge window in the living room. The bedroom has a decent size window too. Right now the walls are kind of a white with a greyish blue tint. I'm planning on repainting. However, there is a huge list of other things which require money, the painting will likely not happen for awhile.

I made a rule for myself when I bought this place. I will only buy one big piece of furniture (anything requiring over $250) a month. This allows me to save up for the piece of furniture and to take my time looking for the right pieces at the right price. It means I will have to live with a barely furnished apartment for awhile, but it makes the most financial sense to me. This month I already bought my big piece of furniture - the bed. I was planning to get a complete bed with mattress, headboard, and footboard(optional depending on the style). However, when negotiating for my mattress I got them to throw in the metal bed frame and delivery on top of a discount. Essentially it's a bed, just without the headboard/footboard. I think I can live with that until I find a suitable headboard I like.

I went shopping with Sis who was visiting. Then when I decided which mattress to buy she said she is going to buy it for me as her and BIL's housewarming present to me. It is very generous and totally unexpected. It feels good to have such supportive family. Also, I'm going to be a good PF blogger and save the money I would have spend on the purchase for that extra yearly lump sum mortgage payment I can make.