Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cheap eats

My coworker and I had Chinese for dinner tonight. He’s absolutely in love with this curry dish at this restaurant and goes there every time he’s in SJ. We went and for two of us the bill came to $30 (including tip). That is about the same amount we spent at Outback last night per person.

Chinese food is so good and so cheap. This is also true for Thai food. We had a meal for two on Monday at a Thai restaurant in Sunnyvale for less than $30 dollars.

I guess I’m pretty easy on my boss’s wallet in terms of traveling expenses too. I love ethnic food, which I find usually turn out to be cheaper (except for maybe sushi). I rarely drink alcohol with my meals. I don’t even order soft drinks or juice because I’m cutting down on calories. Same goes with coffee. I only allow myself a Caramel Macchiato for special occasions when I’ve been really good with exercising and eating. *sigh* It'd be great if I could get per diem.