Friday, December 14, 2007


I'm home! It's so good to be home. When I have more time I want to make a post about all the goodies I bought in China. However, the more current news is below!

I just booked a trip to Egypt! Sis, her husband, and friends have been talking about it. They invited me before but I wasn’t really in the mood to commit. Anyway, sis called today and I’m booked for February.

It was a spontaneous decision to go to Egypt. However, a personal trip has been in the plans since a year ago. I’m so excited. As of now, I know very little about Egypt since I’ve done no research. However, I’m going to start now.

I always like to be really, really prepared before I go to a place. I will be armed with details like things to eat, places of interest, big festivals and events, customs etc. This doesn’t mean I will have any kind of schedule for the time I’m there or a check list of things I need to experience. No. No.

Once I get there, I just go with the flow and see what happens. I like the research because it gives me a better understanding and appreciation for my experiences.

I find Lonely planet guides are my favorites. I’m going online to order a copy for Egypt from the library.


Alison said...

that sounds like so much fun!! And it'll be warm there in February right? How long are you going for?

Esme said...

I am going for 2 weeks. Not sure what the weather is like then. I will be able to tell you once I get my Lonely Planet though :)

Rhona said...

Aw! Have fun. Egypt is on my "places to see" map. Make sure you post all about your adventures there.