Monday, December 17, 2007

My Advertising Decision

I got an e-mail about advertising on this blog a few days ago. I am definitely not oppose to advertising. It’s free money for something I enjoy doing. However, this blog is very much about me, and any advertising I put on reflects who I am. Therefore, I will be selective about what is advertised here. I had to pass on this particular offer. However, for those advertisers out there, if you think the product/service you are promoting is something I might be interested in you can contact me by e-mail.

One more thing I’d like to do is to explain any advertising I put on my blog. When I visit a blog with a lot of ads or where ads are more prominent than posts, it turns me off. It makes me wonder if the purpose is to share opinions or to make money. So I’d like people to know that I think carefully about what and where I place my ads. Believe me I’m definitely not going to quite my day job on my Google ad earnings of 2 cents a month.

Here goes about the ads I have so far.

Google ads: I’ve been looking at the ads that are placed on my sites. Since they are based on what I post some are quite relevant. I put a referral banner ad at the very bottom of the page. I want to see what kind of ads are on there before I change its location. I’m considering putting a search bar up because that would be quite handy, even for searching my blog.

Amazon: Things are usually much cheaper in the States compared to Canada. So I do a lot of shopping on I ship things to my friend in California and pick them up when I go on business there. Since I talk about my shopping a lot I joined Amazon associates.

Now when I talk about something I am buying or considering buying on Amazon I place a link. Also, I included an Amazon search bar.

: Under my favorite site links, some are referral links(but not all). These really are my favorite links that I visit frequently. They are tried and true links where I saved a lot of money/or make a little money.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. Of course, you take up offers on these ads at your own discretion. It always make me feel a little better when something comes recommended (I chose many a paying survey sites on the recommendation of other bloggers). However, I always, always, do my own research and am cautious until they’ve proven themselves to be quite legitimate.


SavingDiva said...

It's nice to know that you put a lot of thought into your advertisements! I have to admit that I'm not really that careful about my adsense ads...

Esme said...

I'm new with adsense, that's why I want to try things out in less noticeable areas of my blog first.

I like the dividers between ads so far and the banner at bottom of the page might add some much needed variety/color.

I don't control the ads much other than placement on my blog and what I write.

Referral links I have on my sidebar and Amazon are definitely more of things I've personally tried or looked at.