Thursday, March 13, 2008

How many camels?

‘Who is this?’ asks cute Egyptian guy.
‘My sister’ I answered.
‘Older sister?’
‘How many?’ he asks Sis.
‘How many what?’
‘How many camels for your sister?’
‘um...I don’t think I...’
‘2 camels!’ Sis interrupts.

Dear Sis,
When next bargaining camels for your sister, please keep in mind that there will be bargaining. If you set the upper price limit at 2 camels, chances are you will be bargained down to 1 camel or maybe even a donkey. Your sister is worth more than a donkey.

In fact, telling this story upon coming home, I’ve gotten two offers for 3 camels, which I’m sure we can bargain up to 5 camels.



PiggyBankBlues said...

oh my god, that was hilarious. talk about selling yourself short!