Monday, June 30, 2008

One cheap weekend

This weekend turned out pretty cheap for me. Because I have no long weekend, I worked on Saturday at the café. It was a no spend day because I haven’t the chance to spend.

Sunday, I went canoing with a friend. We rented a canoe and equipment, and grabbed some water and sandwiches for lunch. Total cost is like $23 for me. Then we just drove through the Rockies looking for a nice lake, which we found pretty quick so gas was about $15 each.

I got some tan now, which means my legs won’t be an ugly pale color for those summer dresses and shorts.

All in all it was very relaxing. Except the part where one of the stabilizers fell off on the way back and our canoe started sliding forward. If you see two girls trying to tie up their canoe on the highway this Sunday, that could be us.


Canadian Saver said...

Oh that sounds like a lot of fun!!! I'd love to see the Rockies some day...

Esme said...

Canadian Saver,
You would love the Rockies. Everyone I know who's visited had a great time. I would probably describe the rockies as grand. It is absolutely beautiful!