Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Much the same

While in Nova Scotia, we met some of my friend’s local friends. One of them is getting married soon. I didn’t hear the whole conversation, just this bit from the fiance” $850 for a dress that she will wear only once!”

How often have I heard that? When Sis got her dress, Mum made the same comment about her $2500 dress. Then when one of our richer relatives got married before that, Sis made the same comment about the $20,000 price tag.

The amounts seem so different. But really it's the same in that it's a whole lot of money in context of each couple's finances.

I often wondered how I’d be like when I get married. Right now, I’m not even close and the dress really doesn't seem like a big deal. Then when I see people doing their wedding photos in the park I get a little inkling of how special and important looking good is. Just one day to look my most beautiful.