Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Phone Interview

I had a phone interview today with the VP of this private company. It went well. The responsibilities described are not super challenging. However, he said that this is more of a feeder position into the other roles in the company. Because of the nature of the position I would get exposure to the products, and all the roles and responsibilities on a project team. Then he expects that I would move on to a position that I find of interest. This is exactly the kind of position I was hoping for.

Given I am changing my field of work, I need something that allows me to familiarize myself with the required knowledge etc, and develop from there.

Turns out that he started in my area at one of my former client’s company. This is good as we were able to talk about my experiences in depth.

I am going into an interview on site Thursday. He has also invited a director from another department because they have a position available there. If it turns out I’m suited for that position they would consider me as well. This is super, because I’ve read the description for the other position. The qualifications are a little more than what I have, however, I’m sure with some hard work I can do it.

I am going to do some cramming now. Because these people sound super experienced and I expect some hard questions.

Hmmm…also need to go over my resume and think about all my work experiences etc.


Anonymous said...

Good luck! Sounds exciting for both you and them.