Thursday, September 25, 2008

Coming and going

I’m going to add a new survey site to the sidebar.

As far as I know this survey site is good for US and Canada. You do surveys for BUX. Then you can either trade these BUXs on or donate them. You can trade on for things like aeroplan points or certificates.

It’s one of the better survey sites I’ve tried. I started not too long ago and I’ve claimed a $10 gift certificate already.

I’ve decided to take off the link to Because it is ridiculously slow in accumulation. I joined over 6 months ago and so far I have 17 cents. Maybe I’m just not doing the right thing. But I’ve decided if I didn’t figure it out, I won’t post the link on my sidebar. I want links on sidebar to be links that I have tried, liked, and got paid out from.