Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gas Money

I’m doing my part at Elections Canada this Federal Election. I found out about this from my neighbor and thought it would be a good way to be involved in a non-party specific way.

It’s not volunteering. I actually will get paid. However, because I have a full, full schedule these last couple of weeks, I’ve only been there a couple of times for the total of a few hours. As I was driving to work this morning, I realized the money won’t even cover my gas bill this week.

I’ve become increasingly dependent on my car this last year. It started when I got a laptop for work. When I started bringing work home with me, I just had too much stuff to lug onto the train, and do a bus transfer. Before that I already had three bags of stuff: purse (big), breakfast/lunch/snack bag, and work out bag. Then I got this job, I became even more dependent on the car since it doesn’t even have a direct bus route.

I wish I could walk/bike/ride one train to work.