Thursday, September 11, 2008

Condo Shopping

A while back I wrote that I was considering buying a place. Not that I’ve forgotten about updating but just that I change my mind a thousand times a week making it hard to write about it.

Sometimes I think it is a good time for me. Because the market where I am is softening. I would be paying ridiculously prices for rent. Interest rates are good. Down payment fund is coming along.

Sometimes I think it is a horrible idea. What if I quit my job tomorrow? What if I want to go back to school? What if I want to move to another city?

I guess it’s indicative about the uncertainty I am feeling, which is magnified by the fact that it is a huge, huge commitment.

Anyway, so I’m looking. If something perfect comes along I will buy it. But I am not going to put a deadline that I have to buy a condo by. In the meantime I’m staying on with my parents. They are pretty supportive of this plan. They are of the generation who don’t think much of renting and that the bigger the down payment the better.


Anonymous said...

I hope you'll find a place you'll fall in love with! Good luck! :)