Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's easier when it's not your money

I got my new glasses today. I love it.

Now I’m not a super brand girl. I won’t spend a fortune just for a brand name purse or designer clothes when regular stuff will do just fine. Still a brand name like LV or Gucci excites me just as much as the next girl. When I went into the store to choose glasses I wanted to get a pair that looked best on me. It just so happened that was a pair of Gucci frames at $300+.

This is where it comes in that when it’s not your money, it’s easier to part with it. Normally, if it’s a purse or clothes, I’d think about that $300+ coming out of my account and settle for the second choice (non brand name, maybe not on the same level of love but only a little less love and a much smaller price tag). However, my employer has 80% vision coverage and a health spending account (aka money that is ear marked for expenses like this and I will lose if I don’t spend it).

It was such freedom buying what I love (brand name no less) and not thinking about deals and savings for a change. Wait, I did choose the generic lenses instead of brand name Nikon lenses. The gap between extra benefit compared to the extra price was too big and not worth it. Can’t get rid of the PF blogger in me completely.


Dolly Iris said...

I took advantage of that with my ex employer too. It definitely did up the anti a little bit for my choices. Mine just happened to be a pair of Vera Wang's which I probably would have bought anyways because they were the only pair out of 12 stores that I liked but it definitely made it easier on the wallet! Oh and my PF blogger side... lol

FB @ said...

I SHOULD have done that before I left, but I left in a bit of a whirlwind, didn't expect to go so soon. Damn lol.. but I'm trying out ZenniOptical now