Wednesday, October 22, 2008

School is not cheap

Half way on the drive to my evening class yesterday, I realized I forgot my notebook. Nothing to write on. It’s pretty important since I can’t take notes for what’s coming up in mid terms, or do in class exercises. It’s ok. I’ll just buy a little notebook at the school bookstore. It’s an avoidable expense, but it’s the price I pay for being absent minded.

I went in and was shocked at how much things cost. Confession, since I started working I have not bought any type of office supplies. Anything I need at work is provided by work. Between Sis, Bil, Dad, and I, we go to enough conferences/trade shows etc. to have pens, bags, mugs, notepads, mouse pads, etc. to last a few years. I remember Bil gave me a flash light from a conference the last time he visited.

Anyway, prices for notebooks were $3 - $20. $20 for a notebook!? I remember black hard cover lab books were mandatory for those classes we had labs in. They were selling here for $7.50. Yikes. Part-times jobs pay about $8 - 9/hr. That book is an hour’s worth of serving fries or bagging groceries. Students out there, I feel for you.

I finally found something on the bottom most shelve, in the corner. I paid $1 for saddest looking booklet, with thin paper and no lines. I think I’ll remember to bring my notebook from now on. Maybe I’ll do a collection with my family of all the marketing freebies we are given but don’t use and donate it.


laughing808 said...

I have a tablet in my car for those instances. Unfortunately I made that costly mistake once and since then, there are countless pens and notepads in my car.