Monday, October 6, 2008

Second Interview

This second interview went well. From what I gather they picked three people for the second round of interviews. If that’s the case, how many do they pick for the third round? And fourth round? Oh well.

I will find out this week or at the latest next Monday if I made it to the third round. One think I wish I did was prepare for the salary question. I asked my friend and he said they won’t ask until after the offer. Well he was wrong.

I was caught a little off guard. He named a range. Based on the top end I said it was about where I was expecting too. Now that I think on it, I did not specify that I was expecting the top of the range. He may think I’m expecting the lower of that range. Then we might not be on the same page.

The top end is only about $3K more than what I make now. Although I understand that I cannot negotiate based on what I’m making now because the jobs and responsibilities are different. However, it is also a gauge of what someone at my experience level should make.

Anyway, I won’t say anything until if I get an offer. Because the point is moot until an offer is made. However, if that is the case I will need to do some research on salaries. The easiest would be to ask my friend. But talking about money with friends can be a can of worms though.


FB @ said...

Urgh. That's irritating not knowing how much you should/could make.

:( Hope it's on the high end