Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Finally I am finished the closet edit. Everything in my closet is neat. I have three piles of other stuff. One pile is things that need alteration. Another pile is things that I will be donating. The third pile is already gone. They are things I put on consignment.

They are very nice things that I barely wore. They are still stylish. Some even have the original tags on them. Things I couldn’t bare to throw away during my last closet purge (and a few pieces I bought since). This time, I got real. I will never wear them because they don’t fit me or my lifestyle, and they are taking up precious closet space. Someone should be enjoying them.

To recoup some of the cost of my mistakes, I wanted to try selling them. Having sold things on Craigslist, eBay, and other sites, I really couldn’t face the hassle of trying to sell so many items. Also, it takes a long time for things to move, during which they will be clutter in my room. So I found a little consignment store.

I’ve looked into this option before, but many consignment stores are for brand names like Gucci, Coach etc. They only take things that are 2 seasons back in terms of style. This new one I found is more realistic for me. They carry regular stuff like Banana Republic, Mexx, etc.

Anyway, as I dropped off my things, I had a look around. I had an idea. I think for the next step of my wardrobe revamp: Filling in the gaps, I will put consignment stores on my list of places to buy from.