Thursday, November 6, 2008

About that Laptop

Awhile back I was saving up for a laptop. My old laptop was falling apart and I need a decent laptop to do my job search. The progress bar is still up. Then Bil said he would give me one. Then I got a job. This job came with a sweet laptop.

With this new job I have a laptop as well. But I’d like to keep work and personal separate. Now I don’t know what I should do. I can’t push him or complain because it is a gift. But can I go out and buy one myself?

Maybe I should. I’m going to start with the progress bar again and start looking at laptops. Maybe this will be my Christmas gift to myself.


Anonymous said...

walmart special, compaq labtop $289on 11/8/08 at 8am

Anonymous said...

don't miss the walmart sale
11/08/08 starts at 8am, while supplies last

Esme said...

Thanks anonymous. I will have a look then.

Esme said...

I missed it! I had a 9am shift at the cafe and was going to check it out during my break. Next thing I know it's 10pm. Next time.