Friday, November 7, 2008


I was cleaning out my e-mail box the other day, and found the electronic receipt for my old laptop. I bought it October 7, 2004 for $1,399.99. It’s more expensive than I remembered. I can’t believe I bought that. I mean $1.4K would’ve been a lot for me back then, especially since it that was right before I left for Australia.

Maybe it reflects how my perspective on money has changed. Yes now I make way more money than I did as a student in 2004. However, I also have bigger plans for my money than buying clothes, and gadgets.

Or maybe it shows how much cheaper electronics have gotten. I mean Anonymous just posted that Walmart has a special on compaq labtop for $289.

Probably a little of A, and a little of B.


Anonymous said...

I paid the same amount for a Dell laptop back in 2004, but now, I would NOT pay over 1K...Times changed...People change and we look at things from a different point of view... If you just need a laptop for a personal use, nothing too fancy then got to Walmart, they have great specials!

Esme said...

You are right. We change and see things differently as time goes on. Looking back on my purchases 4 years from now I might think the same.