Friday, August 7, 2009

$10 life on Globe and Mail

I was reading this article in the Globe.  The writers writes about the change in her life since the recession has impacted their business.  She writes about what they are doing to get by – hubby is working at home depot.  What she wished they had done differently – save more.  What she is grateful for – her husband and her family.  I think it's great.


The comments were interesting though.  There were lots of commentors who are like me and think it's a good story.  Then there are those who think they should stop whining and that others have it harder than them.  Be nice people.  It really isn't about whining.  I see it more as a cautionary tale they are sharing.  And yes there are people who don't even have the standard of life they have now.  But she is writing about drop in their way of life.