Wednesday, August 5, 2009

People who know me

This weekend Bil and Sis came to visit.  After dinner we all went for a walk on the pathways by the river.  Bil and Sis were running and I was walking with the parents.  Anyway, as we were walking along I found a 5 cent Canadian tire money (and pick it up of course).


When we finally caught up with Bil and Sis, I told them.  Apparently, Sis saw it too.  She was debating if she should turn around and pick it up, when Bil said, "Don't worry.  Esme is behind us.  She'll pick it up when she sees it."


Ah…My family does know me well.


Jessie said...

It's great when family knows and loves you for who you are! I would have picked it up too!