Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer BBQ and Backyard Parties - What to bring

Since the warm weather started, Beau and I find ourselves invited to a lot BBQs, backyard parties etc.  Usually, these things work out to be a semi potluck, where the hosts will provide food and drinks, but the guests also bring food and drinks for sharing.  I find this a great way to throw a party.  While no guest will be left wanting because you will have a spread ready when they arrive, you won’t be spending most of your party preparing more food and drinks.

We always run into the same questions about what to bring.  But after a few of these we’ve figured what works for us.  I don’t like to bring things that need cooking.  If everyone does, there will not be enough bbq space, ovens, or stoves to go around.  I opt for an appetizer like sweet and sour meatballs (served with toothpicks and napkins), small spanikopitas, or mini quiches, a salad such as potato or pasta, or deserts like brownies or fruit salad all of which can be prepare ahead of time.

For drinks, the easiest would be to bring a couple of 6-packs of beer or cider.  Recently, Beau and I have decided to cut back on drinking, so we would most likely drink 2 out of those we bring.  This makes it a pretty pricey couple of drinks especially since the brands we like are pricey to begin with.  As an alternative, I make punches or sangria for sharing.  We still only drink a little of it.  But there is plenty to share for a lot less of the price, and no one notices that Beau and  I haven’t refilled our drinks all party long.