Thursday, June 7, 2012

When did the parent/child role become reversed?

This weekend Mom, Dad and I flew to Vancouver to meet Sis and Bil for a little holiday, more on the weekend trip later.  But I came home on Sunday.  Sis and Bil took the parents to Victoria, and they flew home yesterday.  Sis had to leave from Toronto, and Bil for Ottawa, so they went to the airport with mom and dad, and each took their respective flights. 

Before this we already talked about me picking them up at the airport.  However, little did we know after Sis and Bil’s flights took off, Mom and Dad’s flight was delayed for 3 hours!  They left me a message from a pay phone and told me not to wait up and they’ll get themselves home.

Of course Sis and Bil both said I should go pick them up.  So Beau and I drove to the airport and waited, and somehow completely missed them.  We were freaking out for about 2 hours.  We checked the baggage claim area, we got them to check the plan, I called home and then drove home.  No mom or dad.  If they had gotten in a taxi and came home they would have been home ages ago.

We were worried sick.  I keep telling myself they are adults who lived in this city for 10+ years.  But where can they be at 12am at night?  I’ll tell you where.  On a bus.  Yep.  They took the bus.  Even though it’s super late, and they told me they were taking a taxi.  The relieve. 

When did our roles get reversed?  When did the kids start worrying about the parents getting home, eating right, and getting enough rest?  Because that was Sis and I all weekend.  I guess it’s a sign that we are adults now and it’s time for us to take care of our parents who looked after us all these years.