Sunday, October 14, 2012

House for Rent

It’s that time.  Our renovations on Rental A is near completion and I’m getting ready to post the ad.  In our previous rentals this year, we decided to use Rentfaster.  It is well organized and categorized.  Searches can be refined by community, quadrants, number of bedrooms, furnished and unfurnished.   I see its ads everywhere and most renter we know go on it.   We thought we’d to try more advertising venues if we find we are not getting enough response from our ad in Rentfaster.  Well, we got more responses than expected, so we are going to stick with Rentfaster for now.

Time to get the creativity going and write my masterpiece of a house for rent ad.  Just kidding.  I keep it pretty simple.  A couple of sentences describing the house and location.  Then point form list of the features I want to highlight.