Monday, October 15, 2012

Temptations near the new office

My new office is downtown.  This is awesome because I’m so close to everything but dangerous because I’m so close to everything.

All the banks I bank with have a branch within a block of where I am now.  This makes my beginning of the month rent cheque deposits quick and easy.  I have two train stations within a couple blocks away.  If I really need to I could commute.  However, since Beau has a parking spot about 7 blocks away that he rarely uses, I am going to use it on the days that he doesn’t and save the $6 in train tickets.

There are also lots of food and restaurants with in a three block radius of me.  Most dangerous are the two Starbucks across the street and kitty corner from me, and Tim Hortons downstairs.  Already I find myself thinking I’d head down here for a breakfast and quick coffee break.  I’m going to stock my desk drawers with nuts, cookies and teas to avoid temptation.  Wish me luck.

P.S. One good thing about my office is the 7 blocks I walk to and from my office building to my parking spot.  Yay for exercise you can't talk yourself out of.


Cassie said...

Definitely stock your desk with snacks (and even drinks, if you can). You must resist that temptation! Especially Starbucks... mmmm...