Friday, November 2, 2012

Plans for our new house - The Bathroom

It's been weeks since we got keys to the new house.  But with Beau and I being so busy with the rental, new job, we only had time today to meet our renovator and go over details of what we want to do.  Since he's done so many projects for us this year, he's willing to break the work down and letting us pick what we want to do ourselves to save money.

Our first priority is our bathroom.  The current (and only full bathroom) is dated and dirty.  The sink is so heavy the stand is starting to crack.  Also, there is no backsplash so the back wall is starting to mold.  The toilet yellow and dirty.  The showering has frosted glass sliding doors with so much scum on it I don't think I'll ever wash it off.

So it is a complete redo.  We are going to do everything except for the tiling.  We are thinking of keeping the tub because it's in pretty good condition.  Here's a photo of the original bathroom.  Stay tuned for photos of the progress.