Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rent This House - Take II

In case I'm not busy enough, a friend of my called and asked if I can do some after hours data entry for her this month.  You know me.  I don't really say no to making more money unless I really have.  Since Wednesday I've been working a second job after work.  I feel a little bad because this leaves Beau on his own during the weeknights for reno but he understands.

Anyway, I finally got around to posting the rental ad today.  I got up bright and early to do this because the tenants have been asking about it.  I think they were worried about having to pay the rest of the year.  Already we've got an email and phone call.

Since we have a month to do this we are going to try a more relaxed approach.  We are offering two showing times, one week night and one weekend to best manage our time.  The current tenants did offer to do the showings for us.  I was tempted given my busy schedule.  But Beau pointed out that meeting the potential tenants in person is an additional chance to vet them.